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Prevent Devitrification with any of these products.
Super Spray is used mainly on colored glass, Bullseye in particular. It is a low melting clear glass powder that creates a cap to keep oxygen away from the base glass thus eliminating devit. (Devit requires time, temperature and oxygen).

Clear Coat is used mainly of float/window glass. It is a chemical flux that bonds with the surface of the base glass to create and new micron thin glass that resists crystal growth (devit.)

They are two very different products that both solve the same problem. Clear Coat can be used on colored glass, but based on what my heavy production customers prefer, I would stay with Super Spray for the Bullseye and Clear Coat for window glass.

Fusing Solution is great when you want a gel, like slumping bottles or holding frit.

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Clear Coat Overglaze Overglaze Bending Glaze
Stops Devitrification Both a Gel Glue and Overglaze in one product. Bending Glaze
Super Spray Overglaze
Stops Devitrification!