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Shelves, Posts, Kiln Shelf Prep
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Kiln posts, kiln accessories, kiln hardware, 12 Inch Shelf For Hot Shot Kiln 15-1/2 inch Shelf for GTS 18-9 Kiln
Item#: 7001 Item#: 7404 Item#: 7410
21 Inch Round Shelf for GTS 23-9 Kiln 5.5 Inch Square Shelf 7 inch Studio Pro Shelf
5.5 Inch Square Shelf
Our Price: $29.95
7 inch Studio Pro Shelf
Our Price: $29.95
Item#: 7420 Item#: 8.2 Item#: 7400
Automatic Controller For Small Kilns Corelite Shelf for Evenheat GTS 2541 Kilns Corelite Shelf for Skutt GM1414 Kilns
Automatic Controller for All Small Kilns Large Solid Surface Shelf Large Solid Surface Shelf
Corelite Shelf KIT for Skutt GM1414 Kilns Evenheat Studio Pro 41 Shelf Fiber Board 1/2 Inch thick
Large Solid Surface Shelf with posts One Big Kiln . . .
Sizes Available from 6" for damns - 36" for shelves.
Fiberfrax Kiln and Mold Repair Calking Fuse Master Premium Kiln Wash and Shelf Primer GM814 Kiln Shelf
GM814 Kiln Shelf
Our Price: $42.00
Kiln Repair
Premium Kiln Wash GM814 Kiln Shelf

Fits the Skutt GM814 kiln. Measures 15" x 16" x 5/8" (8 sided)
Gt 4050 Shelf Hake Brush Hot Start Shelf
Gt 4050 Shelf
Our Price: $67.00
Hake Brush
Our Price: $9.95
Hot Start Shelf
Our Price: $28.00
Item#: GT 4050 Shelf Hake Brush for Applying Kiln Wash Item#: GP706
K25 Soft Brick Kevlar Sleeve Kiln Lid Hook
K25 Soft Brick
Our Price: $15.95
Kevlar Sleeve
Our Price: $18.95
Kiln Lid Hook
Our Price: $24.95
Easy To Carve
Kevlar Sleeve Kiln Lid Hook
Kiln Safety Glass #3 Kiln Shelf for Studio Pro 14 or 15 Primo Primer
Kiln Safety Glass #3
Our Price: $15.95
Safety Glass #3 Kiln Shelf for StudioPro 14 or StudioPro 15. Measures 13" x 13" square. For Molds and Shelves
Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System Skutt GM 1014 Shelf Skutt Gm1014 Shelf and Accessory Kit
Skutt GM 1014 Shelf
Our Price: $63.00

Quiet Drive Solid State Relay System

Item#: GM1014S Item#: GM1014S
Skutt Gm10F Shelf and Accessory Kit Studio Pro 14 Shelf Studio Pro 24 Shelf
Studio Pro 14 Shelf
Our Price: $42.00
Studio Pro 24 Shelf
Our Price: $71.00
Skutt Gm10F Shelf and Accessory Kit

8" x 9" x 1/2" Shelf
3 - 2" Posts
8oz Kiln Wash
Fiber Paper
Shelf - Square (13" x 13")

13" x 13" Full Shelf - For use with Studio Pro 14 and Studio Pro 15 model kilns.

Studio Pro 24 Shelf - 20" x 20"
Studio Pro Furniture Kit
Studio Pro Furniture Kit
Our Price: $65.00
Furniture Kit of Studio Pro, V8 & Studio 8

The furniture kit includes 2 - 7" x 7" kiln shelves, 24oz Glass Seperator, 3 reed Haik Brush.