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Fuse Master Lead-Free Opaque Enamels

Our Lead-Free Opaque series consists of 21 inter-mixable enamels that blend so well that a complete spectrum of hues and shades may be achieved with a basic stock of colors. These vibrant enamels mature at the glass fusing temperature range of 1300°F - 1550°F. They can be mixed with Water Friendly Medium, then air brushed, painted, sifted or sponged on the top of glass or sandwiched between layers of glass. Our Lead-Free enamels are the ideal material for enameling dinner ware. Bead makers will find these colors easy to use. Just roll a hot bead through some dry powder then case with a layer of clear glass. The lead-free colors can be used to add color to any pate-de-verre project. Mix Water Friendly Medium, some enamel and crushed glass into a paste, them pack the mixture into a mold and fire. The results are truly exciting.

Add some of these colors to your paper weights or blown glass vessels. They can be sifted onto hot glass or they can be picked up by rolling hot glass through the powder. It is best to case the colors before reheating to preserve their richness.

In situations where lower maturing temperatures are required, like silk screen printing, the Lead-Free line can be mixed with the transparent colors. The Lead-Free Opaques can also be used for copper enameling. Call for 1 and 5 pound prices. * Denotes that gold is used as a coloring agent. Order by number, plus .01 for 1 oz. and .08 for 8 oz. quantities.

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To get a more exact reference on how the FM enamels look after they are fired onto clear window glass, download this chart (730Kb PDF) and print it on high quality photographic paper with your printer set at its best printing setting.