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VITROCOAT gives you a system engineered to create the strongest permanent bond glass paint in any colour with commonly available paint and the results are exceptional!

Vitrocoat enables you to take virtually any basic glass and create your own custom made coloured glass, with durability never achievable with ordinary coatings!

Using Vitrocoat is a simple and economical process that allows the user to mix any desired quantity of paint in any colour required for the job.

With our system the user is given complete flexibility on paint colour and quantity which results in saved time and money.

Don’t take our word for it…..VITROCOAT is TUV and ASTM tested!

Glass treated with Vitrocoat has exceptional resistance to:
Water - Can be used in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Abrasion - The coating is highly resistant to scratching.
Chemicals - Solvent resistance means the product can be installed with conventional construction adhesives without staining.
UV - Samples have been exposed to progressive UV exposure tests without any detectable change

Pull-off tests to ASTM 4541, are regularly carried out for us, where the strength of the bond between glass and paint is accurately measured with consistently excellent results.

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Vitrocoat Liter Vitrocoat Liter

Adding just 2% Vitrocoat to the A / B mixture will drastically improved the durability of two part polyurethane paint.

Our Price: $950.00