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Airbrushing Equipment for Glass

Airbrushing enamels on glass is a skill that takes time and effort to perfect. It starts with using high quality materials specifically designed for airbrushing glass. At Fusion Headquarters, we have the best airbrushing equipment for glass to give your artwork a one-of-a-kind look and feel. We have four different lines of enamels plus mica powders to create a range of texture and colors on all types of glass, including window/float. Our Airbrushing DVD will teach you how to airbrush glass by clearly explaining the techniques necessary to successfully create painted glass pieces you’ll be proud to display.

Our selection of airbrushing equipment for glass includes everything you need to create unique, colorful airbrushed glass pieces with ease and we have the expert knowledge to help you find exactly what you need before you buy. Shop now to take advantage of our affordable prices.

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Airbrush Glass Painting, Adding Color to Sand-Carved Glass Art Airbrush Medium Gum Arabic Powder, 1oz. bag
Gum Arabic Powder, 1oz. bag
Our Price: $9.95

Air Brushing DVD

Gum Arabic Powder
Mica Powder Water Friendly Medium
Mica Powder
Our Price: $8.95
Mica Powder
Water Friendly Medium