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Fusion Headquarters is your one stop source for glass fusing supplies.

Fusion Headquarters
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Bu Glass Artists for Glass Artists.
Fusion Headquarters is your home for Hard to Find Fusing Supplies. Warm glass and fused glass artists of all levels find our wide selection and helpful service the key reasons they shop with us again and again. As fused glass artists and teachers ourselves, we are constantly adding new and useful items to our site. Since we started working with fused glass in 1981, we have known the frustration created when it is difficult to find products that work well. We started Fusion Headquarters, Inc. in 1987 as a vehicle to get quality supplies into the hands of other artists. Over the years many others have contributed their discoveries to the fusing world and we have seen our field expand significantly. The key is that we are all part of the same glass community and as our communal knowledge base grows, we all benefit.

Fusion Headquarters, Inc. is dedicated to enriching our community by providing the best possible fused glass products and kiln forming information available. We try to continually develop new items like our Liquid Stringer Medium and custom designed stainless steel Sink Mold. We also scout out cutting edge break through items like Dichro Slide to maintain this forward momentum. Anyone who has worked fused glass can tell you that it can be a frustrating yet incredibly rewarding pursuit. We are here with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you or if there are items that you are having difficulty finding. We have a gallery section on our web site and we encourage you to submit pictures of your work. We hope that this will in some small way motive, inspire and help others realize their potential as fellow glass artists. Keep a Warm Kiln Gil & Carmen Reynolds Fusion Headquarters, Inc. is your source for FUSED GLASS SUPPLIES.

15500 NE Kincaid Rd. Newberg, OR 97132 Tel 503-538-5281 • Fax 503-538-6527 For more info, Email us at office@fusionheadquarters.com