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Above - EZ Fire Enamels on System 96 by Ann Klem in collaboration with Marianna McDonald from a Paul Messink class - Copyright by Ann Klem

Enamels are a wonderful way to add lines or shading to a glass piece.

Fuse Master Enamels are finely ground glass powders (300 mesh which is much finer than powdered frit and most other enamels) with a very high color intensity. Enamels have a color density close to 50%, where frit usually has 10% or less. All the Fuse Master enamel lines are inter-mixable allowing for an infinite range of colors. This takes practice, we suggest starting with a single line.
Pick an Enamel Line
There are 4 different lines of Fuse Master Enamels

EZ Fire Enamels - High temperature , Mature at 1380F - Hold their color up to 1650F. for Bullseye, Uroboros, Spectrum and Wissmach and Window Glass.

Lo Fire Opaque
Mature at 1175F - Hold their color up to 1400F - Designer Colors - Lead Free - Easy to use. For decorative glass only! Not for food bearing surfaces.

High Fire Opaque - Mature at 1350F - Hold their color up to 1550F - Intense, Vibrant Colors - Lead Free - Easy to use.

Transparent - Beautiful, Rich Transparent Colors - Mature at 1175F - Hold color up to 1275F - Contain Lead (That's why they're so beautiful.) Tricky to use.

Pick a Medium to mix with the powdered enamels
Mediums are what you mix with enamels to apply and adhere them to the glass before firing. Each medium works differently. Sort of like the difference between using water color, acrylic or oil paints.
Fuse Master Water Friendly Medium - A very good middle of the road medium. Dries quickly, works with most fusing applications. Cleans up with water.
Fuse Master Silk Screen Medium - One of the best overall mediums. It creates a smooth, creamy consistency very much like acrylic paints. Besides screen printing it is great for brushing, stippling and squeeze bottle applications. Cleans with water.
Fuse Master Air Brush Medium - A thin consistency with a slight tack. Watery enough to not clog the airbrush, yet it gives the powders bonding power. Water based.
Squeegee Oil - This thicker medium gives enamels a long working time. It has a strong odor and cleans with pain thinner or mineral spirits.
Gum Arabic - This medium really 'sticks' your enamels to glass. So much so that you can actually add another color over the top before firing.
Stamping Medium -Specifically design for rubber stamping enamels.

How do I get started?
The easiest and least expensive is to start with one of our kits.
These are the kits we suggest to start with: High Fire Primary Colors - Lo Fire Starter Kit.
Easy Fire Enamels Mediums for Enamels Fuse Master Transparent Enamels
Easy Fire Enamels 1380F - 1650F for fusing, bead making and glass blowing
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Mediums for Applying Enamels - Silk Screening, Air Brushing, Painting
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Use these in stained glass windows and non- food bearing applications
Rich, vibrant colors.
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Fuse Master Low-Fire Lead-Free Opaque Enamels Fuse Master High Fire Lead-Free Opaque Enamels Accessories for Enamels
Use these on the slump firing or other low temperature applications - Lead Free
Fuse Master LO - Low-Fire,Lead-Free,Opaque Enamels
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Use these for fusing temperatures - Lead Free
Fuse Master LF - Lead-Free Opaque Enamels

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