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Easy Fire Enamels

Introducing the new Fuse Master Easy Fire High Temperature Enamels.
This is an exciting new collection of scorching
hot colors that are easy to fire and don't require venting. Just pop them in the kiln and fire.
This vibrant mix of reds, oranges and yellows can handle temperatures up to 1650F they can be used for full fuse firings, glass blowing and lamp working without burning out. Easy Fire Enamels are a very fine grind so they can be brushed, silkscreen printed, stippled or air brushed onto a base glass. One ounce of enamel will cover approximately 3.7 square feet of glass so they are an inexpensive alternative to sheet glass. Try them today.
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Easy Fire 301 Sun Yellow Enamel 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 302 Yellow Orange Enamel 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 303 Dark Orange Enamel
304 Light Yellow Easy Fire Enamel Easy Fire 305 Red Enamel Easy Fire 306 Dark Red Enamel
Easy Fire 307 Light Purple Enamel EZ Fire 308 Opaque White 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 309 Mixing White Enamel 1380F - 1650F
Easy Fire 310 Rich Black Enamel 1380F - 1650F EZ Fire 311 Grass Green 1380F - 1650F EZFire 312 Chrome Green 1380F - 1650F
EZFire 313 Russian Green 1380F - 1650F EZFire 314 Turquoise1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 315 Light Blue Enamel 1380F - 1650F
Easy Fire 316 Blue Enamel 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 317 Dark Blue Enamel 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 318 Gray Enamel 1380F - 1650F
EZ Cool Enamel Kit
Our Price: $69.95
Easy Fire 319 Golden Brown 1380F - 1650F Easy Fire 320 Dark Brown 1380F - 1650F A starter kit with six cool enamels
EZ Hot Enamel Kit
Our Price: $69.95
A starter kit with seven HOT enamels