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Mica, Silver
Our Price: $8.95
Mica, Russet
Our Price: $8.95
Mica, Gold
Our Price: $8.95
Mica Powder
Our Price: $8.95
Squeegee Oil, 2oz.
Our Price: $8.95
Mica Powder
Silk Screen Medium Squeegee  Oil
Mica, Copper
Our Price: $8.95

Small Enamel / Powder Sifter

These fine mesh sifters are perfect for applying Fuse Master Enamels or glass powders. Made out of high quality stainless steel.

Gum Arabic Powder
Clove Oil - 2oz Bottle
Our Price: $19.95
Photo Fusing Decal Paper
Our Price: $26.95
Clove Oil Fired-On Photo Fusing Decal Paper Fusing Images on Glass Book
Designs for Glass Enameling
List Price: $35.00
Our Price: $27.95
Air Brush From Scratch
Our Price: $29.95
Air Brushing DVD Designs for Glass Enameling Perfect for Beginners
Glass Stamping Medium
Our Price: $29.95
Glass Stamping Oil
Our Price: $29.95
A New Way To Use Your Rubber Stamps
Item#: FINSIF A New Way To Use Your Rubber Stamps
Tony Glander
Vitri-Fusáille, Fusing with Traditional Glass Painting Screen Printing on Glass 202 Traditional Glass Painting Make Easy!
Rick Lalonde And Friends, Book II
List Price: $54.95
Our Price: $44.95
Gold Paint Pen
Our Price: $44.95
Traditional Painting - Lesson Two 'Very informative, answered a lot of my enameling questions.'
As easy to use as a felt pen!
Glass Stamping Kit
Our Price: $53.50
Short Wave U.V. Light
Our Price: $69.00
Uncommon Stained Glas A New Way To Use Your Rubber Stamps Short Wave UV Light
Silk Screen Medium, Gallon
Our Price: $279.00
Silk Screen Medium, Gallon $279.00